Veltis Capital invests in early-stage start-ups who have the potential to revolutionize the industries they serve. We partner with select start-ups and work closely with them to help build their unique success story.

"Our start-up journey has been significantly enhanced by our association with Veltis Capital. They shone brightly as believers in our story and vision, always prioritizing the fundamentals and first principles. The fact that Veltis Capital was founded by a fellow entrepreneur who understands our journey, adds a valuable layer of empathy to our partnership.

They have consistently been accessible, exceptionally helpful and have gone the extra mile to serve as both an extended think tank and a guiding hand to us as founders. We're profoundly grateful for their steadfast support and eagerly anticipate achieving even greater milestones together.”

“Veltis Capital has been a key partner for us at Solinas from the very beginning. Our journey started with Mr. Srinivasagopalan, whose insightful questions and immediate support set a strong foundation. Today, Gokul continues to be an invaluable sounding board for various aspects of our business.

During our seed round, Veltis Capital emphasized the importance of establishing robust processes and maintaining accurate documentation. Their unwavering support and founder-first mentality have built a great deal of trust.

We are very happy to have them with us and look forward to growing exponentially together.”

“It has been a pleasure and privilege to have Veltis Capital as our investor. Veltis’ sense of purpose, business grounding and long-term perspective instils confidence to us in our journey.

Gokul goes above and beyond in helping us connect with relevant industry experts as well as sharing his acumen while evaluating business metrics.

We look forward to make this a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship.”

“Veltis makes early, independent investment bets. Not based on trends or who else is investing, but based on the founders and the fundamentals of the business.

We value Veltis’ unwavering support for Troovy. It’s refreshing to speak to their team, every time. They constantly help us discover new tools and vendors to improve business processes, make connections to ecosystem partners, and act as a sounding board for strategic decisions.

Another thing that strikes me about the Veltis team is their authenticity. They are fun people to know and hang out with.”